The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. – Psalms 68:11

Our Ministry

In today’s society, worldly newspapers like HELLO or OK Magazines are everywhere; disseminating information about “the life of celebrities” and unimportant information etc.
On the contrary, our ministry aim to share the gospel of Christ through magazines, weekly bulletin or any other print media like Christian Newspaper.

Our Mission

Our mission is to also provide the Church with an excellent medium to get up to date information about current and intended activities that will educate and edify them.

Our Job

  • We document all messages preached during our services.
  • We ensure messages preached from our services are made available on our Sunday bulletin.
  • We also ensure that all church information/announcements are made available on the bulletin.
  • Our ministry is actively involved in sharing the gospel of Christ through the print media like magazines and Newspapers.
  • We raise awareness of the Edinburgh Tabernacle’s activities in the community via our print media.
  • We are also responsible for conducting interviews, investigate and collate information for our magazines.
  • We also do the design for our bulletin and magazines.
  • We also raise awareness of Christian business/services through advertisement.
  • We share testimonies and Christian living (health, marriage, finances, raising children etc) through our print media.

Meeting Times

We mostly communicate via emails but meet when necessary on Sundays after church.

Contact Us

We welcome your testimonies, jokes, articles, adverts, constructive criticism, advice, suggestions.